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Your diary is full to overflowing with commitments, if you have a diary at all, and you are feeling overwhelmed with all these responsibilities.


You feel like you are in the middle of a bow tie, with two huge circles circulating around you. Your own family responsibilities and then your extended responsibilities, work, parents, in laws.

And your home reflects this.


With no time to sort out the garage for the last 5 years, it’s accumulated all the Christmas and birthday presents, the garage sales “bargain buys” that have never been to good use.

Have you promised yourself time and time again to streamline your life, only to realise that other things seem to take priority. So much so, that your clutter has become normal, and when you tidy up you seem lost and confused and become upset that you can’t just put your finger on what you are looking for.

Enough is enough. It’s time to sort through and declutter your environment, your life, so that you can feel in control again, with your hands firmly on you steering wheel, going in the right direction without stalling.

Many of us wish that we had the best system of doing things, the gadgets to make all the confusion just disappear but knowing that it will cost us money and our precious time learning yet another trick or tool.

It does not need to be that complex or “teckie”. Let me show you over 8 weeks how to tackle your cobwebs, untangle your space and set you free.

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