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Aging with Strength and Dignity

What is your view on the human ‘maturing’ process?

A positive mindset around the aging process is vital to either accept or deny what is happening to you. Let’s consider society opinion of the aging population. What do you think of? Doom and gloom, or vibrance, energy and dignity? What is the difference? Our belief system and mindset play a huge role in how we perceive ourselves as we age.

Do we see those challenges that we face as an imposition, or a privilege to learn and grow? Does society idealize youthfulness too much?

Is it socially acceptable to grow more mature?

Often, we are own worst enemies. What we expose ourselves to persuades the way we want to view the aging process.

There are many physical and physiological changes that occur when we age, from changes in metabolism, organ function, energy systems, hormonal balances and the functions of our senses. There are also many external factors that impact on the rates of these changes, some we can control, and others we cannot.

Making healthier choices everyday has an impact, its investment in our long-term health and wellbeing as well as our ability to stay resilient in times of stress. Understanding what is happening to our bodies is key to accepting or denying these changes. Embracing healthier choices can only lead to better outcomes that are within our control.

My key tips to be at peace with your maturing body is to understand your

1. Physical and mental boundaries as you grow older

2. Physiological changes happening to your body

3. Hormonal changes throughout your lifetime

Its all a question of balance and acceptance. I would be interested in your thoughts.

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