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Welcome to Healthy Options Now

Welcome to Healthy Options Now

Health and Wellness Coach


With over 30 years in the health sector as a Registered Nurse, in a variety of direct clinical, education and managerial roles, and more recently as a Personal Trainer and Health and Wellness Coach, I have a depth of experience in helping people with their health, across a variety of health issues.

Bringing all this experience together for you, my passion is to help others, particularly middle-aged women with hectic lives, to identify their priorities and strategies to suit their lifestyle enabling them to reach their full potential. Their weight is a side issue. Embrace the authentic you that is inside. 

You can choose which method you would like to use. Each program will assist you to build the lifestyle you desire.

Corporate leaders, consider the impact of improving the health of your employees. Make a time for us to meet to discuss a strategy for your staff. Invest in your future business's well-being. 

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