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Why I do what I do. 


My Father became acutely unwell when I was 17, resulting in him being quadriplegic. My hero went from being the best provider for our family, a man who still had me standing on his toes for a waltz, to being totally dependant on others, even to breath. I was in overwhelm. It was the day Australia won the America’s Cup. We almost lost Tony.

Our whole lives changed, my Mum, my sister and I. He did not recover, he was left with severe disability but he was alive.

After nearly two years in hospitals, Dad came home. Nursing homes were for the elderly, Dad was 52. Mum nursed him for 5 years before he passed away. He was 57, I was 25, married with a toddler. Those years in between were focussed around family times, celebrating births, holidays and anniversaries. Mum was a rock.

I recognize my parent’s innate resilience in myself.

I now value each day with my own growing family, and have made this a priority over relationships, career and my own priorities.

“Never mess with a Mumma Bear” (Jim Rohan.)

I’m described by others as being “tenacious”, “goal focused” and “resilient”.

I learned through those impressionable years, a strength of character that has taken me through my marriage difficulties, my weight loss journey, my nursing career challenges, and learned how to love and trust another man wholeheartedly.

I am not only a survivor, but thriving in a world full of commercialism and materialism. I love the natural, the simple and relish in the brilliance of each day we have here.

I love the person I am.

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