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Meet Pam Milner!

Introducing Pam Milner, who will be one of our 3 guest speakers for the upcoming Book Launch, for Dear Nurse Me.... Reflections, on March 26th, from 12 noon, online.

Pam is a well-known now retired nurse in the Townsville community and has had a wonderful career. Pam has worked alongside 3 of our authors, and is well known in the area for her good hearted and authentic stories, and of her precise recollections of the details! She will share with us one or two of her stories with us on the night.

If you have ever had the chance to be in Pam’s company, you will know that her stories are entertaining. She brings a wealth of experience into every expression, with upmost respect and good humour. Come along and hear her speak from her heart.

To Register for our Book Launch, click here.

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