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Celebrating your achievements is paramount.

Success with clients comes in many different measures. Here is what some of clients have had to say about their experience with Wendy.

I had stopped doing the outdoor activities I loved & looking after my health when my boys were born, because I thought I was just too busy with them and work. It became a continuous, vicious circle, week after week.


By the weekend I was tired and I’d be trying to play catch up on the things I hadn’t completed while pigging out on unhealthy food. I kept thinking I didn't have time to do the things I loved. So, I was just existing, going through the motions and wondering - was this it? There must be more to life. Enough was enough!


The option popped up for a free session with Wendy which I booked in for. Wendy just sounded like she got me, even though we hadn't spoken much other than a few sentences at triathlon training. From that very next day I could see how easy it would be to make some changes. More sessions followed and I now have a sense of accomplishment which I hadn’t felt for a very long time.


With Wendy’s help, I started focussing on the important aspects of my health and well-being. I have gotten back to doing things I love, my energy levels are increasing and my weight is down. I'm working on improving little by little each week and realise it will be an on-going process.

Wendy makes sense and makes it easy!

Tania Potgeiter July 2017

I have recently been working to achieve better control of a skin condition through a healthier diet, focused towards whole foods. After learning Wendy had a long background in the medical field and the fact that we seemed a good personality fit to work together, I decided to work with Wendy as a coach for my personal challenge. With the assistance of a questionnaire, Wendy helped me assess my current situation and needs to help with a list of focal points which would direct me to achieve my goals over the period of our coaching agreement.

The 1:1 coaching on the Zoom platform with video really added a personal touch which increased trust in communications. In Wendy’s approach, she indicated she focuses on the sciences, of course always taking into consideration who is financing the research for validating methods she uses, which is great for my analytical nature. Wendy was genuinely compassionate and empathetic, when my speaking of working on my challenge was emotionally charges with tears. Her delivery and style are honesty and straight forwards without being pushy or demanding. She was always checking in with my commitment level of steps along the way as well as checking if there were any new issues or problems which had arisen.

My experience working with Wendy was extremely pleasurable.


My skin condition is showing a major and much needed improvement.


Wendy made sure I had a plan in place for me to take continued action over the next few months upon exit of our coaching agreement. I would highly recommend Wendy for any health goal related coaching for which you might have need, be if physical or mental. Wendy offers great services at very reason prices for the services rendered. Thank you, Wendy!

Leigh Scheidell September 2017

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