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Empty Nest Syndrome

Have your children grown up and left your household? This scenario brings about varying degrees of emotions. For some, it is an elation, celebration that you have done a fantastic job and raised your children to be independent enough to have the confidence and support to manage on their own.

For others, even leading up to the time their children leave, brings emotions our of left field of loneliness, worry, and anxiety around how they will manage. Sometimes as parents we are so busy around the practical things, organising accommodation, furniture, food and connecting the electricity, that it's not until they have physically left the building, do we realise how much they brought into our lives and for so long.

What are some of the strategies that help us cope? Having a good relationship with a significant other is a great help, someone that understands you and your emotions so that you can outpour them in a safe space without judgement. Continuing, rekindling or finding a hobby that serves others is also a great way to divert that emotional and physical energy. Most women are natural nurturers and have a need to provide that guidance to someone.

For the men in the audience, again having an activity that involves keeping your mind or sense of purpose can help. There are many different types of ‘men’s sheds’ out there!

Finding what works for you may take time, and over time these feelings will evolve. One thing is for sure, though, that when your children need support or help, they will probably ring you first!

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