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Investing in the Long Term You

What do you on a regular basis that invests in your own long-term wellbeing?

Where do want to be in the long term?

What do you want “YOU” to look like in 5 years’ time?

What has been a pivotal experience that may have made you realize that you must change your circumstances for the better you?

Do not wait for that anvil moment to happen, or to reoccur. Make decisions today that are in line of where you wish to be…...long term.

Link these changes to positive experiences to allow your mind and focus to accept them as pleasurable, so that you can repeat these behaviours time and time again to make them a lifestyle. Small incremental changes over time are generally better accepted than radical, large scale changes.

Make this decision each day. It is Ok to make a slip every now and then, but acknowledge this, and move on.

Build your vitality over time, make use of the quiet times to refocus, realign, reflect and celebrate your achievements.

  • Link your long-term goals with a huge emotional WHY

  • Make small changes over time

  • Use quiet times to reflect, refocus and align

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