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Living a life of Purpose.

We all need to eat, sleep, and have a safe environment to work and play in, and that all costs money, right?

How can we live a life of purpose when we are stuck in a job that does not fulfill that need? How do we work towards the life of our dreams or is it just a wish list?

There is this societal pressure on us all ‘following our passions’, living our dreams, but the reality is, that it is not all rosy all the time!

Your current job maybe the only avenue that you have that gives you the luxury of being able to stay comfortable now, staying out of debt and giving your family the essentials. Its our inner sense of purpose based on our values that drives us to continue to maintain this, or to change this.

However, sometimes our inner sense of purpose conflicts with a desire to be ‘bigger’ than this.

It’s all-around mindset, priorities and patience.

Having the right mindset around WHY you are doing what you are doing, knowing what drives you each day to achieve, setting your priorities right to achieve this and the patience to stay on track, will all help you to achieve, knowing the satisfaction that with consistent effort over time, breaking up your big goals into smaller ones and acknowledging your successes will give you to live your life of purpose. Stay focused.

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