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Magnify Your Self-efficacy

What is self-efficacy?

The capability of you to initiate or sustain a desired behaviour. This is particularly important now to maintain both our physical and mental wellbeing. Linking what you do to you core values and beliefs and set goals around this.

Stay focussed, use this time as a time of reflection, are you staying authentic to you in this process. Sometimes this can be challenging when we have so many changes impacting on our lives at the moment. We can be easily distracted or overwhelmed with things.

Stay aligned with your sense of purpose, use your inner confidence to stay calm, and continue along your desired path so you can work towards your achievements. With so many changes and rules around us at the moment, for some it may be frustrating to be limited to what we normally would do, to have confines on our freedom, our ability to make spontaneous decisions to go to the movies, go to the park and kick a football. Adjust meet these desires in an alternative way takes a bit of creativity, and we have seen many examples of this on social media.

Some tips to help

1. Stick to your daily routines

2. Recognize what is important to you

3. Find joy in each day

4. Staying connected with family and friends

5. Checking in on each other, and yourself.

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