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Passion versus livelihood

Unlike 50 years ago, many of us change our career direction several times during our work life for many different reasons. What drives us to seek that better opportunity, passion? Financial gain, wanting to make a difference in the world, justify our own self worth? What is it?

For each of us it is different. "Follow your dreams" sometimes just does not pay the bills or out food on the table. Sure having a positive mindset and attitude is important, but it is sensible to conduct due diligence on any career change that you want to undertake.

At the moment with everything that is going, there is opportunity in business to look at a different way to conduct business or to supply a product locally that would otherwise be sources overseas.

Those in essential services or have skills that would be employable in essential services would be smart to stay put for a while. Now is not the time to make big changes.

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