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Thinking about writing a book but never do?

I have always wanted to write a book about my nursing career and share aspects of it that I know will relate to others.

As nurses we experience so many interesting, challenging, exciting interactions with our clients, each other and ourselves!

Well, I’m proud to say that 2021 saw me have this experience and the book is about to be released. Together with 5 other contributing authors, I have penned a chapter relating my story in a way that provided me to connect with my younger self, and to impart some wisdom about nursing that I would have loved to have received when I started.

I am also proud to say that I compiled the book together with the Ultimate 48 Hour Team, co-coordinating schedules, life demands, and competing priorities!

The book is called ‘Dear Nurse Me…..Reflections’, and we have embraced our careers in our own different styles, to convey to the reader how we came to be where we are now.

One of the key take aways for me contributing towards this book has been to continue to learn and grow, both professionally and personally, maybe this is why I get so much satisfaction now for teaching others?

Stay in touch with me, as we get closer to our online launch, to be announced soon.

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