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Understanding Hormones

There are many hormones in the body, and they have many different mechanisms of action. They are stimulated or produced based on various feedback systems within the body.

So, what is a hormone exactly?

Hormones are chemicals that are released from one organ in the body, that has an effect on another distant organ. The aim of hormones is varied, but overall, they respond to constant feedback and regulate many bodily functions based on the person’s chronological age and demand.

Several hormones work together, others in opposites, depending on the body system involved. Often there is more than one hormone involved.

Take peri+/-menopause for example, this time period affects the levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, and their effecting hormones (controlled by the level of gonadotropin released by the pituitary), on the ovaries, are follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone. With such a cascade of feedback no wonder there are multiple symptoms experienced! Those lucky ones to go through this time without any symptoms are the envy of many!

It is a natural aging process to have fluctuations in our hormones, resulting in many different body reactions. Knowing what these changes are and understanding them are vital to the acceptance of these changes. We now know that making healthier choices can decrease many of the negative side effects of hormonal changes.

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