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Your value on Money

“What is money anyway?” I’m humming a tune by Howard Jones “What is love”, as I write this as money and love are not dis-similar. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. The definitions tell us that money is an exchange of perceived value and based on the value of the currency unit of the country of origin, which in turn is based on many factors.

Think about your value on money throughout your lifetime. As a child you probably saved and saved for something that you wanted. As you get older the basic costs of needs tend to take over, with wants and desires coming second. During these times of economic downturn, covering needs take precedence. What was the most valuable thing that you wanted to buy as a child, compared to as an adult in good economic times versus right now? Interesting how our priorities change. It makes us realize how little we need to survive.

Some say money is an energy, or an exchange of energy. Do you believe this to be true? It certainly can deplete our energy or add to our energy by what we can exchange for it or give or take it from others.

Money can inspire you to think of the future possibilities, for you and your family, or rob you of your dreams. It can make you compare yourself to others, the “have versus the have nots.”

Or is this a superficial way to view it? What is more important, money, health, or happiness? Can these be talked about in the same sentence? Again, it comes down to your own take about money.

What is your hourly rate $worth? That is something to think about. Is it the same throughout other countries, or does it differ? Do you include the investment that you have made in yourself around your education, your personal development, the amount of time that you have spent on improving your wider skills and knowledge?

Its interesting, I would love to hear your comments and views.

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